Bora Giritlioglu

Dear All,

TML Construction worked with Ramil Huseynov on City Gardens and Clock Towers projects in Baku, Azerbaijan as a Technical Office Engineer / Quantity Surveyor between May 2006 – June 2009. We would like to extend our sincere recommendation for Ramil on any future construction projects and also express our desire to work further with him.

Ramil was one of the key civil managers / employees of TML Azerbaijan team. For 3 years working for TML Construction until he left he had performed such remarkable job that he promoted several times. He deals especially with Concrete & architectural calculations, preparing architectural shop-drawings, document controlling during his service period. Ramil is quick at his learning, very dynamic and hard working.

He also passionate at work. He is very willing to take over new challenges and responsibilities. His performance was quite remarkable and that impressed us all.

I am totally confident that Ramil Huseynov shall definitely became a very valuable asset to your organization.


Yours Sincerely,




Bora Giritlioglu,

Project Manager